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Frequently asked questions

Make sure UNAVAILABLE bottom option is been activated. Your internet speed is the right one and you have coverage on the area. Also make sure GPS option is been activated. If the problem continue please contact Technical support inmidiately at: 786 8226133.

Keep in mind, payments for users who provide services through their bicycle or motorcycle, are made on the FIVE and TWENTY (5-20) days of each month by the “Tpaga Wallet App”. In case of not receiving your payment on the stipulated dates, you must send a message to the WhatsApp line 786 8226133 and follow the instructions provided. If you provide services through a cargo vehicle, the payment will be made once you complete and close. Please take in consideration our payments are between 5 business days after you provide all necesary documents and the job is close. In case of any claim, damage or inclusive theft situation please contact customer service and file a claim report.